About HUTV

HARVARD UNDERGRADUATE TELEVISION is the only media network community at Harvard that streamlines the way Harvard students produce, showcase, and engage with new media on campus.

This centralizing hub also aims to promote student interest in the entertainment industry through career assistance, networking, and extensive support.

Anyone interested in the entertainment industry can become involved in HUTV by participating in the Associates program. This program provides Associates the chance to gain valuable experience in the creative and non-creative secotors of the media and entertainment industries.

Those selected to be an Associate will work closely with and be mentored by the member of the HUTV Executive Board that runs their division. In addition, they will work with their division on major projects, gain valuable insight into how a television network is run, and take part in HUTV-sponsored social events with other Associates and Executive Board members. The skills gained through this semester-long program can be applied back to any HUTV show, towards the future management of the central organization, to a career in media, and/or nearly anything else!

HUTV alumni currently can be found throughout the media and entertainment industry, from NBC-Universal to Disney. In an effort to train the future leaders of tomorrow's media, HUTV accepts applications every semester for the associates program.

This year, HUTV is also hosting the first ever Harvard Film Festival. Check out the website for more information.

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