HUTV Video Contest

HUTV asked Harvard students, “What’s Harvard Really Like?” and here’s how they responded. Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite and decide who wins free food from b.good for an entire month!

What's Harvard Really Like?

Chris Liberge ’12

A short video attempting to best describe life at Harvard, through a heartfelt discussion between best pals/roommates.

Like a Boss - daharvardremix


An account of a Harvard student's typical day, produced for HUTV. Click here for lyrics.

Real Men of Greenius

Sam Novey ’11, Sam Berman Cooper ’12

With one small act, a regular man does an extraordinary thing at a party, and goes home happy. Harvard salutes you, Mr. Solo Cup Reuser!

Bitches Ain't Shit (a modest cover)

Byran Dai and Kenneth Parreno

This is what Harvard and its students are really like. And to think, we only started this band twenty minutes ago...
(WARNING: this video uses excessive profanity)

Congratulations to Chris Liberge for winning! Look for more video contests next semester!